Evolved from some of the mid-sixties best low-powered amplifiers.

Evolved from some of the mid-sixties best low-powered amplifiers. The 2xEL84, Cathode Biased, Class A sound is that of astonishing warmth, depth, and harmonic richness all in a small package that allows big-amp sound on small stages, in the studio or at home. The London takes the classic 2xEL84 vocabulary and pushes it way beyond all predecessors. With the distinct tones of two very different '60s 18 Watt amps in one package, the London offers 2-amps-in-one and allows a greatly increased vocabulary.

This is the "go to" amp for countless studio musicians, producers, and sidemen who need a big, rich British sound in a small package. The London survived the '18 Watt wars' of a few years ago and has become the standard for the 2xEL84 genre. It's widely used on dozens of major tours, major label recordings, and is a frequent guest on national TV shows.

Trem channel - 12AX7 based with a single tone knob and an organic Bias tremolo activated by a footswitch. This channel is the one for many of your classic British tones from your favorite blues and rock records.

Colour Channel - EF86 (pentode) based with a tone knob and 6-way color switch that adjusts the mid focus. This channel is reminiscent of the British Invasion sound until you push it hard via the Booster Switch and then if flips into ultra-rich, harmonic saturation that defines modern day boutique amplifiers.


Output: 18 watts
Tubes: Power - Matched Premium EL84's; Preamp - Premium Cascode/Pentode & 12AX7; Phase inverter Premium 12AX7; Sovtek 6CA4/EZ81
Speakers: Celestion Alnico Blue G12H30
Panel controls:Tremolo channel: Power, Jewel, Standby, Cut, Speed, Intensity, Tone, Volume, high & low inputs; Colour channel: Color, Tone, Bump Switch, Volume
Extras: Footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8Ω & 16Ω impedance
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
Dimensions: : Head: 25" L x 9" D x 11" H / 26.4 lbs.; 212 Cab or Combo 27 .75" W x 10.25" D x 22.25" H; 412 Cab: 27.75" W x 14" D x 28.5" H
Weight in box: Head: 35 lbs, 212 Cab 50.4 lbs, 212 combo 75 lbs
Accessories: Footswitch included


Pair with cabinet:
Speakers: 1x12' Celestion G12H30; 2x12' 2x12' Celestion G12H30 + Alnico Blue or Gold (your choice)
Dimensions: 1x12 extension: x 25' W x 10.25' D x 20.5' H; 2x12 extension: 28' W x 10.25' D x 22.25' H H

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